Tuesday, 16 August 2011

This is not shit

(Fineliner on 105mm x 73mm card)

My own crude parody of the famous RenĂ© Magritte work.


Martin S said...

Quite a funny spoof. You've pretty much got the idea of the Magritte original. Shame you couldn't have written the line in french, though.

Hermit said...

I could have done by finding the french word for "shit" and using part of the original line, which would've given me "Ceci n'est pas la merde"

Now, my french is pretty dire, as is everyone elses who've been taught french in english comprehensive schools, so I wouldn't have been confident in getting that one simple line right if I'd tried it alone.

However, if I'd used direct reference to get it right, that wouldn't be skav (check the rules for it in "What is Skav Art?") And besides, Magritte wrote in french and I write in english :)