Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Numen-Deus OMNI PASSCARD (Xonu)

(Blue biro on 125mm x 75mm memo paper)

It looks a bit mad does this one, and you might think it looks shit, but I quite like the crudeness of it. It's more of a transmorphic piece (meaning I just let it grow as I was working on it). On the back of it I've written:

Little is known of these mystic cards of power. Where are they from? Who are Numen-Deus? And why does each one have it's own unique name? What is known, however, is that if you're lucky enough to obtain one, you gain access to anything, anyone, anywhere, and anywhen in the entire universe. All barriers removed. All doors unlocked. All impossibilities made possible* Or, to use the Numen-Deus line:


But only the original can do this, and they are rare. A sanctioned copy can bring the bearer good fortune, whereas an unsanctioned one will bring nothing but bad*

*And if you believe that rubbish, you'll believe anything!

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