Monday, 12 April 2021


Lonely Skav artworks in need of a good home!
I thought it might be a good idea to put up a post such as this as I have been getting quite a few emails asking if the works shown in this blog are for sale.

Yes they are, and you can buy them, direct from me, the artist :)

As mentioned in the FAQs and elsewhere, you can buy an original work from me for roughly the same price it would cost you to buy a decent print from other artists. The work I produce is small, and I laminate each one when finished (except for the sketch booklets I do) but they are originals.

To give a rough guide to prices, A postcard sized piece would currently sell for around £50-£60, but I am open to offers. If it's a good offer, then I'll probably take it. The work itself will then be sent in a little folio I'll make for it, so it should get to you safely. All you have to do is email me by clicking on the contact details and typing out the email (yes, you do still have to write that email out - sorry) and ask. It is a bit of hoop-jumping to get to the end, but it assures me that the work is going to the right person. Someone who's genuinely interested in buying it. So start your collection of original art with Skav Art.

PayPal payment only please.

Artworks which are marked with - NOT AVAILABLE - are just that. They've already gone, but there's still plenty of others to choose from.

I hope that helps :)

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