Thursday, 12 September 2019

His Parrot Wife Said Nothing

A6 booklet of Dreamscapes
I decided to use another of the small, 8 page, sketch booklets I'd made and filled it with dreamscape works using a HB pencil. As with all dreamscapes, they varied wildly in subject and size. One of the smallest was the one below, which I thought would also make a good title for this blog post:
"His Parrot Wife Said Nothing" (38mm x 20mm)
And yes, it really is that small, but a good little image. You tend not to question what's going on in them. You just bring the image out, whatever it ends up being. They can be surreal or abstract, mundane or insane. That's the beauty of doing them. I chose this second one from the booklet, because it was more stylised in its appearance, and I liked the resulting look of it. I did consider cutting it out from the booklet and finishing it off as a standalone work, but decided to leave it as it was:
"The Pickpocket" (53mm x 43mm)