Monday, 25 March 2019

Dreamscape : NIGHT TERRORS

(HB pencil on card - 60mm x 40mm)
This was something of an unusual piece. I started on a project that, like the tutorial video, had a specific set frame to it, but it didn't seem to go the way I thought it would. The problem there was that I was attempting to sustain a thought as I was doing the piece, but kept on being distracted, so it went off on a tangent into something else. I'd destroyed a couple of previous attempts at this method, but decided to keep this one.
I'm still pleased with the work itself but, as for the project intended, I think I might need a bit more practice on that one, with fewer distractions.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Dreamscape Tutorial Video

Well, the Dreamscape Tutorial video is complete, as you can see above. I've also placed it in a full, written tutorial on its own page on this blog. I'm sure those that have a go at this form of Skav Art might just enjoy it, even if they do feel they have limited drawing skills. I also decided to finish the artwork I did in the tutorial, as you see below:
(HB pencil on 63mm x 35mm card)

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Dreamscape - Speed Tests

"Sleeping Beauty" (HB pencil on 63mm x 35mm card)
For the past few weeks, I've been working towards producing a short video on the Dreamscaping technique of automatic drawing (surrealist automatism). I realised that I couldn't do these at the current scale that I usually do them, which is near postcard size, as that would take far too long. So I needed a more acceptable size that I could view with the limited videoing equipment that I have, which is just the video function on my compact camera. In the end, I opted for 63mm x 35mm. The reason it's so specific is because I simply used a piece of off-cut card which looked the right size and drew around it as a template.
Before any video could be made, I had to time myself doing a piece this size. The first one was "Sleeping Beauty" shown above, but even at that size, I found myself getting carried away with it and forgetting the time limitations I needed for it. In the end, it took 1 hour, ten minutes to do. It's a good little piece, showing the remnants of a broken-down android forever staring at another amongst all the other refuse, but the time it took was way over the 30 minute limit I had in mind for them, so the work had to be more sketchy.
Now, a quick sketch is easy to do. A few minutes is all it would take. The internet is filled with videos of people doing just that, but the Dreamscape technique I use takes just a little more time.
"Elven Harassment" (HB pencil on 63mm x 35mm card)
"Elven Harassment" is more of a sketch in quality, but does its job, as it took 28 minutes to do. I've no idea what's going on in that image, but I do like the fact that the elf looks as if she's about to punch him. The final video I'll be making, obviously, won't be around that timeframe. It will be sped-up to around 3 minutes, but should clearly show the techniques used and the randomness of the image produced.
It's still a work in progress....