1. What is Skav Art?
It's a simple artform which can be described as "advanced doodling" or "finished thumbnail sketching." It uses minimal and cheap drawing materials which are widely available to produce small artworks that I create straight from my imagination. It tries to capture that initial spark of creativity that you get in sketching. Whereas other artforms take that idea further onto a finished work, watering down or changing it in the process, skav art suggests that it's this intitial sketch itself that's the actual finished artwork, and is worked on as such. This also retains that potential that it could be something more than it is, depending on how it's viewed.

2. Is it Outsider Art?
It does have the characteristics of what could be described as outsider art and can be easily viewed of as such. The problem here is that "outsider art" itself was a patronising term used by an artworld that has trouble accepting anything that doesn't fit within its own set rules. The irony now is that many who call themselves outsider artists were actually professionally trained and simply use the term these days as a cash-in on the growing trend for such artworks.

In other words, there's no such thing as outsider art.

3. How big are your artworks?
I tend to work mostly under the size of A6. But, as a rule, the artworks I do are never bigger than A5 in size. A4 would be too big, and larger than that would be insane. The work is produced this small to make it more convenient and less cumbersome so that it can be done almost anywhere. Just like doodling.

4. What subjects do you draw?
Anything that my warped imagination can dream up, and anything that I can draw confidently without the need for reference.

5. Why don't you use mixed media?
It's all about what's convenient and easy. It can be a hassle to switch between different colours, pens, pencils, or whatever. Such messing about with various art materials is what puts many people off taking up art in the first place. Therefore, less is best, so I only use one medium for one artwork and nothing more. This does mean that all of my pieces will have a monochrome (single colour) characteristic to it, but it's the creativity within the piece that you're looking at, not the colour composition.

6. Why don't you use any form of reference?
Because it can degrade the individuality of the work. When I draw something directly from my imagination, then I'm more likely to produce a piece that is 100% mine, and unique to me as an artist. It also helps to exercise my imagination and be more observant in the real world as I try and commit various things to memory. I may not get things exactly right when I draw them in this way, but close enough is good enough. This gives it a dreamlike quality that would be spoilt using any form of reference. A kind of "memory of things."

7. Isn't using expensive technical pens and fineliners just cheating?
Normally it would be, but if I happen to obtain these things for less than a couple of pounds (like second-hand technical pens), then I'll grab them, but I never buy such things brand new, or go out of my way to obtain them. Some new fineliners are alright, as they can be bought within my very strict budget.

8. What's the point of laminating if skav art is meant to be less hassle?
I don't really need to laminate my work. It's something I personally like to do to protect each piece when i handle them. Sort of like a "final glaze" I put on the work that tells me that it's finished. Plus, laminating is so dirt cheap these days that it's practically skav in itself. I could even use a household iron as a laminator if I wanted to. Does the job just as well.

9. Can I use some of your images for my own projects?
Yes you can, but only if you ask me first and I agree to it. Then you'll only get to use the images that are already online. The usual rule I have for that is if your projects are free for others to view and I get a clear credit in the work (or a link to this blog from your website) then it should be fine. If you start making money from it, either directly or indirectly in a commercial capacity (even making money from banner ads next to them), then it's only fair I receive some payment.

10. Is your art for sale?
Yes it is. If you're interested in any piece then just email me at the address on my contact page and make me an offer on that artwork and I'll get back to you soon enough. Obviously, I'm not going to let them go for a few pounds, but the prices are quite reasonable. Remember, that what you'll receive is a small laminated artwork, although it will be the original. You could also check out the work I have listed for sale on ebay, if you'd prefer to do it that way: CLICK HERE