Saturday, 17 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 - Elf Made

(HB pencil on a 138mm x 87mm postcard)

A Christmas elf is not born, they are made,
From one who lives their life in the shade.
As with the previous two years, I put this artwork on some Christmas cards that I printed out, which I then gave to various people. I re-used the idea of the strange, foul-mouthed elves that I'd previously used for the 2014 card. The story within the card tells of how Santa's elves are created, which you can view below by clicking on them (click on one and you should be able to easily scroll through them all):

On a scroll of vellum, with ink of blue,
For your letter to Santa is what you must do,
Tied and bound with a feather found,
Then cast into fire when there's no-one around.

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