Monday, 26 October 2020

Guardian Spirits: CELESTE & ÉSHA

(HB pencil on 80mm x 50mm paper)

(2B pencil on 80mm x 46mm paper)

I decided to go back to the Guardian Spirit idea I did previously with the XendraXya and Xorina works. I wasn't too happy with the size of them. Even though they're the size they are, I did think they were a bit too big, so I decided to reduce the format for these two. It seems to be a much better size, in my view. I spent a bit of time on them (about a hour and a half on each), but I can simplify that as I do more. I can then hand them out to people I meet, similar to the dreamscape calling cards.

Other, weirder, characters will be considered, keeping to the idea that they're a dig against those who believe in things like spirit guides and guardian angels. It's that notion that if you believe in something like that, then why not treat yourself to something exotic and give all those American Indian spirits some time off. I'm sure they'd appreciate it!

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