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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

WIZBANG! Pet Demon

(2B pencil on a 139mm x 87mm postcard)
Even pets were not immune to the comic-book ads and there were quite a few different ones, whether it was the now famous sea monkeys, or squirrel monkeys (which were a real con, because you actually did get nothing for your money). As with other items that were advertised, they were sold as wonderful exotic things, when they were really quite mundane (sea monkeys were just brine shrimp).
With these Wizbang ads, I decided to reference them with an advert selling everything you would need to grow your own little pet demon. A kit-form monstrosity that would probably sell well.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


(HB pencil on 85mm x 50mm card)
Play God with the amazing Numen-Deus Pet World!
Create your world and alter it through millions of years of evolution. You can even walk on your world in your very own virtual body! Then, when you've indulged all of your sick fantasies and destroyed your world in an act of pure madness, you'll then learn the true, horrific, nature of the game.
That it's actually a powerful temporal device which creates your world for real, billions of years in the past, on the other side of the galaxy. Which explains why there are no save points, rewinds, or second goes with this game. You're left to live with the guilt of all your actions.
Either that or the inhabitants of your world reach a level of technological advancement that they set out from their planet to give you and your world a good kicking!
Numen-Deus does try and warn us: