Monday, 1 August 2011

Chuckin' Out Time At The Cough Inn Pub

(Black biro on 105mm x 74mm card)

For the first post in this blog, I thought I'd go for an image that is more of a social satire on a disappearing way of life. On the back of which I've written:

"With all the pubs closing down, you're more likely to see sights similar to this in town and city centres these days. But when the average local was more frequented, you'd see such diabolical creatures lurching along the roads and footpaths of estates, late at night, with only a confused homing pigeon instinct left for an intellect. Pale, dishevelled, and grunting incoherently. It's difficult to believe that these mindless shades were once rational human beings. Nevermind the complete and utter horror that they could be people you once knew."

I think the regular late night plague of "pub zombies" that was common across the UK has greatly diminished over the past years. Maybe that's a good or bad thing, I dunno.

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