Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Neighbourhood Watcher

(HB pencil on a 140mm x 90mm postcard)

Every home should have a pet dragon. On the back I've written:

In the five years we've had Sparky, he's been no problem at all. He barely needs feeding, unlike those two greedy jack russells we used to have, which cost a fortune in food and vet bills. But they disappeared a few years ago, along with many other pets and small animals that have mysteriously vanished from our estate in recent years. The police have been baffled by it. The last one happened the other day when Mrs Whelen's pedigree golden retriever was snatched from her back garden, She'd only turned her back on it for a second when she suddenely heard it yelp and then nothing. So whoever it is that's stealing these animals is very quick and very professional, and they seem to only target our area. It's a shame Sparky hasn't seen this phantom pet snatcher, because he's good at keeping guard. There's been no burglaries or vandalism since he's been around. Fair enough, there have been incidents where kids have received serious burns, but that should teach them not to throw stones at him.

Sparky's even got himself a special neighbourhood watch award for his services to the community. We took him down to the police station where he received it. I remember it well, because it was the same day that one of their police dogs went missing.

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